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Broken Flowers current line up is;-

Anna Mosley - Lead vocals and rhythm guitarist.

Anna has been writing songs and playing in bands since her late teens, and has played many different genre’s - but she is most at home with her unique songwriting and playing blend of rock/country/blues.

As well as being front and centre with the vocals, Anna also plays an assortment of instruments, predominantly she uses acoustic guitars, but she will switch to Irish Bouzouki or mandolin when the song needs something different.

Darren Gibbs - Lead guitarist and backing vocals

Darren has been playing guitar for several years, but in 2009 he decided to study at Leeds College of Music for a formal qualification. When he finished his degree, he was looking for something that would allow him to express himself and develop in new directions, which is how he came to be the lead guitarist with Broken Flowers.

Darren plays a Gibson Les Paul Standard which gives him the power he needs as well as the variety of sound when switching pickups through a variety of pedals, predominantly BOSS, with final delivery through a Marshall JCM2000 valve head and a matching Marshall 4x12 1960A cabinet.

Mike Brown - Bass guitarist and backing vocals

Mike has been playing guitar since he was in his teens, but took up the bass guitar in the early nineties, when he was part of a popular Country Rock band doing the circuit in the North East of England.

As well as backing vocals, Mike is also the “technician” for the band looking after the sound systems, power supply and lighting etc.

Mike’s basses are either an Ibanez BTB675 or a Peavey Cirrus BXP5 connected to a BOSS ME-508 Multi-effects unit with final output delivered by his TC Electronic bass stack (RH750 head powering an RS210 and/or an RS212 cabinet).

Kevin Asquith - Drums and percussion

Kevin’s earliest exposure to percussion started when he was 10 years old at Cleckheaton Music Centre. From there, he went on to play with one of the top UK marching bands in his teens and became their drum line instructor, he also played with local rock covers bands until his late twenties. After a period of not playing at all, Kevin returned to drumming, initially with a local indie band, and joined Broken Flowers in February 2017.

Kevin plays a DW design black satin kit with a DW limited 20 ply snare and tops it off with a mix of Sabian AAX, HHX and XS20 cymbals to give a good range of sounds from light to dark.